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The Brain Game

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Our top-selling game, played by 5,000+ employees, introduces neuroscience concepts and teaches healthier brain habits for leadership, stress management, & productivity.


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Participants embark on an epic team survival adventure, meticulously crafted for historical accuracy.

This simulation has four episodes with different degrees of difficulty, helping participants improve their participatory decision making and problem solving.

Project Ares

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A large scale team simulation that fits well into workshops and team building sessions focused on planning and inter-departmental cooperation.

The Profiler

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A training game designed to help participants understand DiSC, this murder-mystery activity comes with a full DiSC assessment survey.

Psychometric Tools

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These tools can be the perfect companions for our games and simulations, giving your facilitators a great way to structure debriefing around more objective topics.

Neuroscience game
Team simulation
Team simulation
Team simulation
DiSC Game

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